3 Pcs Plastic Contour Gauge 5 inch 6 inch 10 inch Tool Set

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3 Pcs Plastic Contour Gauge 5 inch 6 inch 10 inch Plastic Outline Profile Shape Contour Duplications Guage Duplicator Kit (5 inch, Red)

  • EASY TO USE: press the outline gauge tool’s teeth onto a shape and trace, mark the outline and cutting it. Plastic ruler with inches and centimeters on the body of the guage. easy to measuring the length of irregular graphics.If the pins too loose you can just use screwdriver to press down the screw cap ends again to restore some tightness.
  • Precise Shape Duplication:This contour gauge works well in copying the shape of any irregular items, replicate the shape of moldings or match cut outs, exactly for woodworking or tile flooringnoleum installation/winding pipes/circular frames/ducts and so on. Simply press the pins teeth onto a shape,copy the profile and cut to shape for perfect fit and easy cutting. Help you make accurate measurements without an estimate.
  • High Precision & Both Inch and Centimeter Scale Available:Designed with 10 inch/25cm or 5 inch/12cm markings on contour gauge body. There is both inch size and centimeter size scale mark on both sides of the contour copier. High definition laser cutting line is clear and easy to read,and the single needle has the precision down to 0.05 inch.
  • SAVE TIME & ENERGY:LAMBOR STUDIOS master outline gauge is a good helper for the carpenter.It can duplicate any shape instantly. No need to transfer profiles to paper or cardboard again to save your time. Record the cross-sectional shape of a surface with this 10-inch widen gauge. Simply press the contour gauge onto a shape. Copy the profile and cut to shape.This contour duplication gauge eliminates the guessing of dimensions of irregular shapes.
  • HIGH QUALITY & BOTH INCH AND CENTIMETER MEASUREMENTS:contour gauge is made of high-quality ABS plastic, high strength, rustproof and durable, no rust plastic conforms to shape and holds pattern. Designed with 10 inch/25 cm multi-functional contour profile gauge markings with both inch and centimeter graduations are on the tough and durable plastic body of the contour gauge. Both sides size mark is available

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