6” Color Changing Wood Ruler, Set of 10, Assorted Colors - Made in USA

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 6” Color Changing Wood Ruler, Set of 10, Assorted Colors - Made in USA
  • COLOR CHANGE: The ruler magically changes from one vibrant color to another to reflect your mood. TROUBLESHOOTING COLOR CHANGES - cold weather conditions can affect the color change. Please allow product to come to room temperature to allow for most efficient change.
  • SOLID WOOD: Made In USA. The tough, durable and traditional ruler has a bright color change coating.
  • PERFECT LENGTH: The wooden ruler is 6” long with an English measurement scale.
  • MOOD COLORS: The original home of mood products that change color with heat, cold liquids, cold temperatures or sunlight.
  • PACKAGING & SIZE: Package contains 10 color changing rulers. Packed Colors : Assorted (Green To Yellow , Orange To Yellow , Blue To Light Blue , Violet To Pink , Tropical Red To Orange)

GET IN THE MOOD FOR SCHOOL! A great way to make math fun, this bright and vibrant ruler is designed to change color when it makes contact with the heat of your hand.

Perfect for any student’s desk or backpack, the ruler is made of traditional, durable wood with a color change finish, and is a convenient 6” long with an English measurement scale down one side.

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