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Breath Buddy Half Face Respirator Mask | Reusable Professional Breathing Protection Against Dust, Particle, Woodworking and Organic Vapors & Fumes | Perfect For Painters and DIY Projects

  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE PROTECTION: When you need to breathe easy and power through projects with paint fumes, dust, mold, wood particles or organic vapors, Breath Buddy has your back. Strap on and gear up, knowing this powerfully effective half mask respirator is engineered to separate 94% of airborne particles.
  • SUPERIOR SEAL FOR ALL-DAY COMFORT: Hate other half face masks that never seem to fit right and use hard, rigid plastic that hurts your face? Breath Buddy is made with soft silicone that gently conforms to your face shape, creating a tight seal. Plus, its low-profile design gives you a full range of vision so you can stay focused on the job at hand. From 30-minute mold inspection jobs to 10-hour painting projects, Breath Buddy helps you comfortably kick butt all day long!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COOL AND DURABLE: Breath Buddy’s extra soft straps are so comfortable and lightweight; you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing a respirator mask! But don’t let its feather-light body fool you: It’s crafted from thick, sturdy silicone for maximum durability (no matter what professional or home DIY project you’re tackling). Breath Buddy also features a sweat-reducing cool air valve, so your breathing mask won’t slip and slide all over your face!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL 3M CARTRIDGES: Use with a Breath Buddy 3M organic vapor cartridge or any other 3M respirator filters and enjoy full protection from all low- to average-toxicity contaminants. It blocks out contaminants in concentrations of up to 12 x OEL or 10 x APF, making it the perfect reusable dust mask, painting mask or respirator mask for chemicals (organic vapors and fumes are no match!). NOTE: Filters must be purchased separately.
  • BREATH BUDDY’S ZERO-ODOR GUARANTEE: We dare you to take the Breath Buddy Challenge: Strap on your 3M mask and smell zero fumes, or your money back! We’re so confident in Breath Buddy’s organic vapor-blocking abilities that we’ll happily refund your full purchase amount if you smell so much as a hint of any chemical fume, vapor or gas. It’s the Breath Buddy zero-odor guarantee!


The Breath Buddy Difference

At Breath Buddy, we know how tough your job can be. That’s why we craft rock-solid breathing protection solutions that are as tough as you are. With premium-grade materials, loads of convenience features and complete all-day comfort, we know you’ll love Breath Buddy products as much as we love making them.

Our reusable masks are designed to successfully block all organic vapors, particles and fumes, and are engineered to separate 94% of all airborne particles. Breath Buddy respirators proudly meet the EN 140 requirements and CE marking (both considered high-quality worldwide standards).

When you need reliable breathing protection that keeps your lungs and airways safe, tackle projects with confidence knowing Breath Buddy has your back!

Why Choose the Breath Buddy 650 Half Mask Respirator?

Shockingly Easy to Breathe

Intelligently designed to offer very little resistance, so breathing is surprisingly easy. Whether you’re taking on mold, pollen, dust, wood particles, paint fumes or other organic vapors, Breath Buddy keeps you protected and breathing easy, all project long. 

Stay Cool and Comfortable

Convenient built-in cool air valve leaves hot air outside where it belongs and circulates fresh air with every breath. No more sweating like crazy or having to deal with a slippery respirator that won’t stay put on your face. 

Versatile and Heavy-Duty 

Built tough to help you tackle projects like a boss, whether you’re jamming on a home DIY project or all-day professional job. Drops and bangs are no match for the heavy-duty silicone body that effortlessly handles rough conditions and absorbs shock.

Lightweight and Reusable

So lightweight and comfortable, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing a respirator!

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