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Bundle Set of 4 each Different Thickness Clifton Tool Company 3 x 6 Inches Thin Cabinet Scrapers (0.01, 0.015, 0.020, and 0.025 Inches) UK High Carbon Tool Steel TTWCSx4


  • Set of 4 scrapers 3” x 6” of varying thicknesses
  • Individual scrapers are thinner than standard scrapers at 0.010” (.25 mm), 0.015" (.38 mm), 0.020" (.50 mm) and 0.025" (.64 mm) giving excellent flexibility and control
  • Made by the highly respected Cifton Tool Co. of Sheffield England
  • Made of medium carbon steel with a hardness of 40/42 Rockwell C.
  • Excellent tool for putting a fine finish on wood


Cabinet scrapers are an invaluable tool for woodworkers who want to put an exceptionally fine finish on wood regardless of grain direction or figure. They can also be used for removing traces of paint, varnish or distress marks on wood. These rectangular scrapers are made by the highly respected Clifton Tool Company of Sheffield England, the maker of the revered Clifton bench and shoulder planes. They are the standard shape for scraping flat surfaces and their corners may be used for cleaning out tight spaces. These are custom made scrapers and are 3” x 6" and thinner than standard scrapers. Thicknesses are 0.010” (.25 mm), 0.015" (.38 mm), 0.020" (.50 mm) and 0.025" (.64 mm) providing excellent flexibility and control. They are made of medium carbon steel with a hardness of 40/42 Rockwell C. This specification gives good edge retention while allowing the "spring" or "flex" in the blade which gives control of the tool. These scrapers can be sharpened by polishing the square edges and then drawing out a fine hook with a burnisher. Each scraper is laser etched with its respective thickness.


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