Carpenter pencils POLAX 12 Pack, Oval pencil, Wood Flooring Marker

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Carpenter pencils POLAX 12 Pack | Oval pencil | Wide Graphite Pencil for Wood Flooring Marker & Concrete Marking | For Measuring Tool Set | Red Color pencil | 7.08 IN | HB |

Color Red
Material Wood,Graphite
  • Oval shape of carpenter pencil won't roll away
  • For carpenters, builders, tradesman, or anyone who needs a tough pencil that will mark a variety of surfaces
  • Long lasting smooth, rich black mark
  • Broad lead makes fine lines for detail drawings or coarse lines on rough surfaces
  • Easy to see, easy to sharpen

A long lasting, smooth, rich black mark. These red pencils are easy to see and easy to sharpen. Pencils feature a soft graphite core. Sleeve of 12 pencils. Pencils made of wood with graphite core. Length - 7.08 in, wide Graphite Pencil for Wood Flooring Marker & Concrete Marking | For Measuring Tool Set | Red Color pencil. Brand : Polax - The company specializes in the production of high quality hand tools. The Polax carpenter pencil is used in carpentry for marking wood and lumber surfaces. It has an optimal medium hardness HB, which contributes to the application of clear, well-visible lines to the traced material, moderate wear of the lead and an infrequent need for sharpening. The product is conveniently sharpened, does not crumble or break when using force, and its lead does not break if accidentally dropped. Each pencil is carefully checked before sorting and packing. Our pencils have been used by professional builders for many years. We are always concerned about the high quality of our products.

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