Circular Saw, Meterk 6.2A Compact Electric Circular Saw with Laser Guide

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  • Circular Saw, Meterk 6.2A Compact Electric Circular Saw with Laser Guide, 6 Blades, Max Cutting Depth 1-9/10''(90°), 1-1/4''(0°-45°), Ideal for Wood, Soft Metal, Tile, and Plastic Cuts

  • Brand Meterk
    Blade Length 4.9 Inches
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 18.5 x 6.61 x 5.31 inches
    Power Source Corded Electric
    Speed 3500 RPM

  • ★【Powerful Motor with 6 Practical Blades】Equipped with 6.2A/750W motor delivers you a smooth cutting of high performance. 3500 RPM no-load speed applies to cut tile, cement, metal, wood, and plastics. Providing with 4 pcs 115mm / 4-1/2” blades including 2 pcs diamond blade for cutting tile or cement, 2 pcs diamond for cutting plastic or soft metal. 2pcs 125mm / 4-9/10” 24T TCT blade for cutting wood easily
  • ★【Laser Guide and Scale rule for Precise Cutting】To achieve a straight line cutting, turn on the laser power switch, align the laser beam with the cutting line as well as the notch (0° datum point for straight cut / 45°for bevel cut). The scale rule helps you measure the specific length or width to use the cutting material
  • ★【Max 45°Bevel Cut】90°straight line cutting offer you the cutting depth up to 48mm, maximum cutting depth of 45°bevel cutting is 32mm which achieves deeper cutting to meet your needs
  • ★【Double Security Guarantee】You have to press the switch button and the safety button simultaneously to open the machine. The aluminum alloy lower guard will move counterclockwise during cutting and quick release when cutting stops to avoid you from touch the blade
  • ★【You Can Get】Meterk 750W circular saw, 2pcs 115 mm diamond blades, 2 blades for wood cutting, 2 blades for PVC pipe and soft-metal cutting, 2 vacuum cleaner adapters, 1p scale ruler, 2 button batteries for the laser, 1 pc hex wrench, 1 user manual

  • Laser Guide & Parallel Guide

    Laser Guide:

    The laser guide provides a professional and precise cutting.

    Using of Parallel Guide:


    1. Slide the parallel guide into position.
    2. Adjust the guide to the required width, and secure by tightening the parallel guide clamping screw. When you now use the saw, ensure that the edge of the parallel guide is resting against the edge of the cutting material to give a perfect parallel cut.
  • Bevel Cutting Adjustment

    By adjusting the bevel cutting adjustment spanner. According to your needs: 0~45︒ bevel cutting.

    Cutting Depth Adjustment

    By adjusting the cutting depth adjustment spanner.

    • 125mm Blade Max. Cutting depth / wood level cutting depth: 48mm.

    45︒ bevel cutting depth: 33mm

    • 115mm Blade Max. Cutting depth/ wood level cutting depth: 43mm.

    45︒ bevel cutting depth: 29mm

    Equipped with 2 Dust Collection Vacuum Adapter

    Adapter Diameter 32mm:one end can directly connect the machine,another end connect the correspond tube of vacuum cleaner.

    Adapter Diameter 35mm:one end should connect the adapter diameter 32mm.

    Saw Blade Installation - Please Wear Protective Gloves when Installing a Saw Blade

    Step 1

    Push the blade guard knob to the far left and hold firmly,carefully insert the saw blade. The cutting direction of the teeth (direction of arrow on saw blade) and the direction of rotation arrow on the blade guard must correspond.

    Step 2

    Please put them in order: clamping flange, clamping washer, clamping bolt.

    Step 3

    Press the spindle lock and keep it pressed. Tighten the clamping bolt firmly by turning in a counterclockwise direction by hexagon key.

    Step 1

    Press the spindle lock, keeping it pressed while turning the hexagon key in a clockwise direction. Remove the clamping bolt, clamping washer, and clamping flange from the saw spindle.

    Step 2

    Push the blade guard knob to the far left and hold firmly.

    Step 3

    Then carefully remove the saw blade


  • Wattage

    750 watts

    Bulb Voltage

    120 volts

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