Fulton Gator Grip Safety Push Block 2 Pack for Router Tables and Band Saw

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Fulton Gator Grip Safety Push Block 2 Pack with Blue Rubber Podular Pattern for Superior Gripping Power Ideal for Use On Router Tables, Jointers, Shapers and Band Saws 
  • Most woodworkers already have multiple push blocks in their toolbox. The thing is, most push blocks use a foam base to try and grip the wood or material to help feed it through jointers, router table cutters or band saw blades. The firm, slick foam tends to slip after a use or two and especially on harder or more dense materials. That material typically dry rots over time and renders the blocks useless.
  • Gator Grip push blocks have a uniquely designed podular patterned rubber pad that offers superior gripping power over your standard foam base push block. The podular pattern along with the firm but receptive rubber material grips your stock better than ever before and makes feeding your stock through multiple workshop machine cutter types much easier. The unique Gator Grip podular design also helps keep dust and debris in the surface voids to help maintain excellent traction.
  • While standard push blocks work, these push blocks take the next step in gripping power to give you superior control over you typical push block. With its unique offset podular patterned, non-slip rubber surface the Gator Grip push blocks help your control your wood, composite, metal and resin materials. Perfect for use on a router table, jointer, shaper, band saw or where ever you need to guide your stock through a cutter or blade.
  • Not only do the Gator Grip push blocks grip better but they are specifically designed to help keep your fingers away from sharp, fast moving cutters and blades with its durable plastic body and thick raised handle. This in combination with the Gator Grip podular pads give you unmatched control of your workpiece.
  • With the 6-3/8” long by 3-1/4” wide base, you’ll have plenty of gripping surface to work with large and smaller stock pieces. The comfort grip, molded handle is perfectly angled to make applying downward and inward pressure easy and with much less strain than you may have to exert with straight handled push blocks.

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Throw Those Old Foam Lined Push Blocks Away!

While old foam push blocks served a purpose over the years, their time has finally come. Introducing the Gator Grip Push Block! Lined with a blue, podular patterned rubber pad, the Gator Grip Push Blocks redefine gripping power! The pad design allows for the dust and debris to fall between the pods which allows the push blocks to retain traction while feeding your stock.

popular pad blue

Not Even Fair to Compare...

Foam push blocks have always kind of worked. Sure, with a lot of pressure you can get them to grip, but when you need them to grip it can be a crap shoot especially if the foam is old and dirty. The Gator Grip Push Blocks have superior gripping power in comparison and they last much longer and won't dry rot like most foam push blocks do. The blue pads are also very easy to clean with warm running water and a dry cloth. Always let the pad completely dry before using.

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Let the blocks do the heavy push throughs...

One of the most common uses for push blocks is to help feed stock through a jointer. Heck, many jointer machine manufacturers send old school style push blocks with the jointer itself. Two Gator Grip Push Blocks provide you with plenty of gripping power to push through your jointer cutters. You can even daisy chain longer stock pieces with confidence.

kreg router table incur woodpecker grippers free hand

Excellent Traction Means Control

When doing freehand router work, it is vitally important to control your stock and even more important to keep your fingers a safe distance away from the cutter itself. The Gator Grip Push Blocks achieve this by allowing you to control the stock piece with two Gator Grip Push Blocks which keep your hands and fingers away from the router bit at all times.

band saw resew resew

Resaw on Your Band Saw

Short or long pieces can be re-sawed on your band saw using one or even two Gator Grip Push Blocks. The gripping power allows you to apply even and controlled pressure on your stock while in the vertical position.

clean dust debris cloth wash

Easy Maintenance

With a little warm water and a cloth, you can quickly and easily clean off the dust and debris from the Gator Grip pads.





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