Hand Held Bench Wood Planer

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  • Hand Held Bench Wood Planer with Blade Woodworking Smooth Wood Shaver

  • Can be used for soft and hard wood
  • Anti-slip comfort PVC grip
  • Strong plastic adjustment knob
  • Carefully sharpened adjustable blade
  • Product length: 9¼in or 23.5cm
  • This bench planer has a rugged, high carbon steel blade for general purpose woodwork. The blade can be easily adjusted for the depth of a cut. A yellow steel base with sides and bottom machined smooth and true. Durable paint coating for long-lasting protection. Blade is removable for sharpening.


    • Can be used for soft and hard wood
    • Anti-slip comfort PVC grips
    • Strong plastic adjustment knob 
    • Carefully sharpened adjustable blade


    • Brand: Tolsen
    • Model: 42000
    • Main body made of steel
    • Blade made of high strength carbon steel
    • PVC handles
    • Blade width: 1¾in or 44mm  
    • Product length: 9¼in  or 23.5cm
    • Product width: 2in or 5cm
    • Weight: 19oz or 525g

    Please note:

    • Planer blade must be removed and sharpened before first use

    Package includes:

    • Hand bench wood planer with blade (blade pre-installed)
    • Retail packaging
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