NovelLife 60mm Diamond Circular Saw Blade Woodworking Mini Hobby Table Saw

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Color:: 80mm Alloy Steel Blade
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  • NovelLife 60mm Diamond Circular Saw Blade Woodworking Mini Hobby Table Saw Replacement Parts for Printed Circuit Board Cutting

    60mm Diamond Blade and 80mm Alloy Steel Blade

    Material Metal
    Brand NovelLife
    Color 60mm Diamond Blade

    • 60mm diamond circular saw blade for printed circuit board cutting
    • Inner Diamter:16mm, Outer Diameter:60mm, Thichness:0.6mm
    Color:60mm Diamond Blade

    Outer Diameter:60mm/2.4inch
    Cutting Material:printed circuit board(PCB Board)

    Package included:
    1X 60mm Diamond Circular Saw Blade

      Color:60mm Diamond Blade

      Technical Details


      80mm Alloy Steel Blade

      Material Alloy Steel
      Brand NovelLife
      Color 80mm Alloy Steel Blade
      Number of Teeth 80


      • Ultra slim alloy steel circular saw blade for NovelLife mini table saw to cut wood, plastic,ABS,acrylic material
      • Inner Diamter:16mm, Outer Diameter:80mm, Thichness:1.2mm, Teeth Quantity:18
      Color:80mm Alloy Steel Blade

      Material: alloy steel
      Outer Diameter:80mm/3.15inch
      Teeth Quantity:18
      Cutting Material:wood, ABS,acrylic

      Package included:
      1X 80mm Alloy Steel Circular Saw Blade

      Color:80mm Alloy Steel Blade

      Technical Details

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