POWERTEC 80013 22 Blade Go-No-Go Feeler Gauge Set

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POWERTEC 80013 22 Blade Go-No-Go Feeler Gauge Set | Thickness Gauge for Multi Use| Etched in Inches and MM | Precision Measurement Tool | Essential in Woodworking

  • PURPOSE: For precision gapping tool measurement - this premium go no go feeler gauge allows you to quickly and easily check for gaps and clearances - and accurately determine measurements with the utmost accuracy in a vast array of woodworking projects, auto body applications, guitar setup , and jobs involving machine alignments , bikes and more.
  • FUNCTION: Each blade is two feeler blade gauges in one. If the blade’s tip clears the gap and stops, you’ve found your width. If it clears the whole blade then move on up to the next size - It’s the perfect gapping tool - essential when working with tight clearance specifications.
  • CLEARLY MARKED BLADES/VERSATILITY IN SIZE AND APPLICATION: Blade sizes are conveniently etched and easy to read - clearly marked in both inches mms – standard and metric; Featuring blades with measurement sizes ranging from .004/.006 in. (.102/.152mm) to .025/.027 in. (.635/.686mm) with this versatile 22 Blade Gauge
  • EFFICIENT USE: This exclusive thickness gauge is great for checking the flatness of your saw or jointer or to make sure that your machine tables are in flat – essential in projects, such as spark plug gapping, distributor setting, and for valve tappets - when you need to ensure that you are in specification – an indispensable machinists tool
  • QUALITY MAKE & DESIGN: High Quality Pack of 22 blades constructed of hardened tempered steel set in a neat and tidy easy-to-open chrome plated housing – with convenient thumb screw that tightens to lock in all your blades for dependable portability and storage, additionally a handy thumb notch ensures fast, easy blade removal for streamlined use

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DESCRIPTION: Go-No-Go Feeler Gauge Set
# OF BLADE: 22-Blade
BLADE WIDTH RANGE (MM): 0.102 / 0.152 mm ~ 0.635 / 0.686 mm
BLADE WIDTH RANGE (INCH): 0.004" / 0.006" ~ 0.025" / 0.027"


Introducing the Go No Go Feeler Gauge Set by POWERTEC.

Need to accurately verify the flatness of your work tables in your woodworking shop? Wish to measure gap widths between components in a wide array of build and repair applications? Look no further than this high quality, go-no-go feeler gauge set, also called a step cut feeler gauge set. Precision machined of rugged steel to insure lasting tool integrity and durability, this set of blades replaces messy estimating with top-notch accuracy. Versatility is assured with 22 blades for providing a wide variety of thicknesses.

With this unique gauge you get two indexed blade thicknesses from each single blade, allowing you the capacity to test two different widths, or simply to confirm your matched width with just one insertion. If gap clears the tip of the blade but matches the rest of the blade you’ve found your precise measurement. If not, simply move to the next blade up. Each blade tip is 0.002 inches smaller than the rest of the blade. If stacking blades for larger gaps, simply sum up the thicknesses of the blades used.

The set is laser etched in both inches and mms. The blades are bound in an attractive chrome-plated protective sheath that allows for easy access, transfer and storage. If desired, you can detach the blade via a handy thumb notch. Whether you’re checking for gaps in your spark plugs or setting valve clearances – it’s a “must have” valve adjustment tool, or if you are homebrewer and you want to check the roller spacing in your grain mill setup, this go no go feeler gauge will determine the precise measurement or gap, every time. Please note that the gauge arrives well oiled to prevent corrosion and pitting. It’s the perfect gap measurement tool.

Blade Thicknesses in Standard and Metric:

.004/.006 in. (.102/.152mm), .005/.007 in. (.127/.178mm), .006/.008 in. (.152/.203mm), .007/.009 in. (.178/.229mm), .008/.010 in. (.203/.254mm), .009/.011 in. (.229/.279mm), .010/.012 in. (.254/.305mm), .011/.013 in. (.279/.330mm), .012/.014 in. (.305/.356mm), .013/.015 in. (.330/.381mm), .014/.016 in. (.356/.406mm), .015/.017 in. (.381/.432mm),/.016/.018 in. (.406/.457mm), .017/.019 in. (.432/.483mm), 018/.020 in. (.457/.508mm), .019/.021 in. (.483/.533mm), .020/.022 in. (.508/.559mm), .021/.023 in. (.533/.584mm)/.022/.024 in. (.559/.610mm), .023/.025 in. (.584/.635mm), .024/.026 in. (.610/.660mm), .025/.027 in. (.635/.686mm)

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