ProMarine Supplies Art Resin –16 Oz. Kit – Epoxy Clear – Easy to Use

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  • ProMarine Supplies Art Resin –16 Oz. Kit Pro Art Resin Kit – Art Resin Epoxy Clear – Easy to Use and Non-Toxic Formula – High Gloss Intense Shine – Ideal for Photography, Wood, Artwork
  • 👌 A PERFECT CHOICE: Whether you’re a professional artist or you enjoy various DIY arts and crafts, you surely understand the importance of using a protective coating to keep your works safe and glossy. The ProMarine Supplies Art Resin is the perfect choice for your artwork!
  • 🥽 SAFETY COMES FIRST: This art resin epoxy clear is made with premium quality, non-toxic ingredients, being 100% safe for use indoors and outdoors. No dangerous fumes, reactions or unwanted chemicals!
  • 🌟 INTENSE SHINE: Unlike similar products on the market, this art resin kit features a self-leveling formula providing a top quality protective coat that is UV resistant. Enjoy high gloss and intense shine that is guaranteed to withstand the test of time!
  • 😊 EASY TO USE: This resin has a convenient 1:1 ratio and a perfect texture, being easy to use by beginners and pros. The convenient kit includes 8 ounces of resin and 8 ounces of hardener, covering all your needs.
  • 🎨 VERSATILE & MULTIPURPOSE: Use this art glow epoxy resin for all sorts of DIY projects and arts and crafts, from paintings, pictures, photography, wood work, jewelry and add a modern touch to your pieces!

  • Pro Marine Repair, a boat repair company, was established in 2009, working on projects from minor cosmetic fixes to complete boat restorations. While working on various boat construction projects, we realized how much of a demand there was for high-quality Epoxy Resin products. Pro Marine Supplies was then established in 2013 to fulfill the demand for much-needed Epoxy Resin products to suit the various needs of the Marine, Construction, and Art Industry. Our trained and experienced staff is here to answer your questions and provide technical support. Aside from supplying outstanding products, we also ensure that our customers are highly satisfied with the assistance and service that we can provide. Please check out our full instructional guide and videos. If you need any assistance with your application, or have any questions or comments, please reach out!

    A different size for every project!

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