Screwed: 2-4 Players Wooden Strategy Board Game for Adults & Kids

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Screwed is a handmade board game made of wood that is fun for adults and kids. It's a 2-4 player game that's easy to learn and simple to set up, for hours of unforgettable fun. It has a high-quality design that is patented and made of wood and colorful hand-crafted pieces. It includes fast shipping (2-8 Days)

REVIEWS FROM OUR FANS (Over 40 5-Star Reviews)
"My favorite game in 2020! I'm really into board games because it's a good way to spend quality time with family and friends, especially while spending so much time at home. This game is awesome because it requires strategy, choices, and requires paying attention - which are all things that make up a great game IMO." - Mark Jacobs

"This was the perfect addition for our collection of games for game night! My boyfriend and I have a game nights every Saturday and this one is our new favorite!" - Samantha Kramer

"My wife got me this as a christmas gift last year, and based on the amount of times we've played it lol I can say it was the best xmas gift in a long time." -Bill Reynolds

"Literally the most fun I've had in a long time! This game was fast, fun, unpredictable and so much more!" -Jessica Boyer

"I'm tired of those cheap, flimsy board games, so I googled high quality board games and I came across this one. It's wooden, durable, and fun!" -Katya Skimes

"I normally don't leave reviews but I was inspired to for this awesome game. I met Mamma Mia at a trade show and she introduced me to this game. We were playing for about an hour - had a ton of laughs and I left buying 3 for my family. Thanks!" -Joanne Smith

"Screwed is my favorite board game next to Monopoly and Chess. My grandma, and kids really love it too. Since I have a family of 8, and the game only serves 4 people at a time, I ended up buying 2 boards and we had a tournament that my son won :)" -Gabe Arroyo

Screwed is made in the USA in the city of Saint George, Utah.

It is shipped directly from our warehouse in Saint George, Utah.

Screwed is a high-quality 100% wooden board game. It stacks nicely so that it is compact and fits into its box. It also includes 4 different colors of 4 pieces (yellow, blue, pink, and green), as well as 4 dice.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the product, send it back within 14 days, and we will give you a full refund.
Regarding the lifetime guarantee, if you're board or your pieces break for any reason, other than intentional harm, we will send you a new one.


Roll the dice! The player with the biggest number goes first. If there's a tie, those players roll again.

First player needs to roll a 1 or a 6 to get out. 6's get an extra roll.

Go all around the board in a clockwise-direction to go HOME.

If someone else lands on your spot, you're SCREWED and you have to go back to the start and have to roll another 1 or a 6 to get out.

You cannot jump any players, including yourself!

The only way around the board is by screwing other players and rolling the dice with the correct amount of moves to get all 4 pieces into HOME. Good luck!

Mamma Mia, the creator of Screwed, has a passion for making life fun and bringing families together with her patented board game Screwed. It's been a life-long dream of her's to open her own business and she's done it. She turned her garage into a factory where she paints and crafts each magnificent board game by hand. Screwed is a fun, charming, electrifying game that will keep you gripped to your seat until the end!

In addition, she has a big heart for helping people who are less fortunate, so for every 20 games sold, she donates one with the goal of bringing more joy into peoples' lives.

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