Thomas Flinn Pax Taytools 10 Inch Gent Dovetail Saw

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  • Thomas Flinn Pax Taytools 10 Inch Gent Dovetail Saw, Solid Rolled Brass Back, 20 TPI, 1-5/8 Inch Wide Plate, Walnut Handle

  • This saw is made by Thomas Flinn of Sheffield England the last traditional saw and plane maker in the UK.
  • Saw has a 10 long x 1-5/8 inch wide x 0.022 inch thick saw plate. Kerf is 0.028 inches wide.
  • Saw plate has a .500 inch wide x 0.160 inch thick solid brass rolled back which stiffens the blade and adds weight for smooth and accurate cutting.
  • The solid walnut handle is 1-1/4 inches in diameter and 5 inch long. Handle had solid brass ferrule.
  • The saw plate is made from high carbon allow steel for durability and ease of sharpening. Comes with 20 TPI. Teeth can be resharpened.

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