Tru-Grind Double Sided Credit Card Sharpening Hone for Woodworking

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Tru-Grind Double Sided Credit Card Sharpening Hone for Woodworking, Turning Lathe Tools, Blades and Knives

  • DOUBLE SIDED - Coarse 400 grit for quick edge setting and Fine 600 grit for a sharp edge. As it is double sided this is the only stone needed - not several different grades.
  • POCKET SIZED - Convenient Credit Card sized sharpening hone. 2" x 3.2" with handy laser cut hole for easy attachment to a key rind or hook. Suitable for all your woodworking tools, blades and knives.
  • SHARPEN DRY - No messy oil is needed. Sharpen dry, with water or with lubricant if desired
  • QUICK AND EASY - Bring worn tools back to new. Touch up sharpening of all your woodworking tools. Including woodturning tools, as well as Stellite tips. Saw blades, cutters, scissors, gardening tools and even your kitchen knives.

The Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Credit Card Hone is double sized with Coarse 400 grit for quick edge setting on one side and Fine 600 grit for a sharp edge on the other.  Its convenient pocket size of 2" x 3.2" makes it the perfect tool to keep on hand and the punched out hole means you can easily attach it to a key ring.  

Simply sharpen your tools dry, no messy oil is required.  Its durable construction will provide years of performance and reliable touch up sharpening.

Ideal for quick touch up sharpening of your woodturning tools including the stellite tips for the Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver, Pro-Forme Hollowing and Mill-Drill.  Also a convenient sharpener for your kitchen knives, scissors and gardening tools sharpening them faster than conventional stone.

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